for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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I stay alive for like 3 people lol

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Hey! So an update on life….guy calls to let his ex, what he so eloquently calls “fucking whore”, talk shit to me. So I’m just here not caring really. He’s a pathetic excuse of a man. What else…started school (Yey) and I missed about twice already because of my anxiety attacks. Really need to get my shit together. So yeah. Oh and hello to all the new followers. Glad your enjoying my freaking pain.


you had me at “hello” and you lost me at “i think your friend is cute”

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Gorgeous girls on Tumblr make me want to get a face lift & a boob job lol i’m kidding no really 

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"I’m self-sufficient. I spend a lot of time on my own and I shut off quite easily. When I communicate, I communicate 900 per cent, then I shut off, which scares people sometimes."
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In the mood…
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